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Come meet Rev. Bev Davis: Children's Book Author

Rev. Bev Davis is an avid “observer of life,” a graduate of McCormick Theological Seminary, and an ordained pastor in the United Church of Christ. Bev has served a small UCC congregation in North Central Wisconsin and served as a hospice chaplain in Milwaukee and Madison.

Most recently, Bev served as Interim Pastor to Peace UCC Brillion and First Congregational UCC De Pere, WI.

An author of a series of “children’s books for all ages,” which address bullying and marginalization as we journey through the life of “Great Gray,” an Indian elephant, born a little less than perfect. In addition, Davis has been developing a worship plan entitled, “The Power of Parables.” This interactive program is tailored to the Alzheimer’s/Dementia community, Wisconsin Conference facilities, and church communities.

As a parish intern, Bev designed a program entitled, “Consider the Lilies,” a church wide study of plants, gardens, and flowers in the Bible. This fruitful program culminates in the planning and planting of a meaningful Memory Garden.

Bev’s Creation Station is also available to congregations that want to CREATE!

A former interior designer, Bev is a true believer in the importance of involving the senses in worship and everyday life. “Creators Must Create!”

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