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Endowment Funds

First Congregational UCC has several funds in place by which present and future gifts are received and maintained. All existing funds are open to contributions. New gifts and funds that serve additional missions can be established readily as well. We welcome your passion for new initiatives and will work with you to ensure that a new gift or fund meets your wishes.

Funds managed and held by the Endowment Trust

The First Congregational Church of Appleton Endowment Trust was established in 1974 to support the ongoing life and ministry of the church. It is administered by a board of eight trustees, two of whom are the church’s moderator and treasurer, as well as a corporate trustee, Fiduciary Partners, Inc.


The Endowment Trust funds distribute only the income generated from trust investments while preserving the principal assets of the funds. Distributions are made to First Congregational annually.

Beemer Fund for Mission and Outreachthis fund supports the implementation, maintenance, improvement or expansion of mission and outreach programs of the church.

Building Endowment Fund - this fund supports the maintenance, replacement, improvement or expansion of the physical plant, facilities and equipment.

John T. McFadden Leadership Fund - this fund supports the church's professional staff by attracting, compensating, developing, and educating ordained or lay staff.

Operating Endowment Fund - this fund supports the creation, implementation, maintenance, improvement, or expansion of the church's programs.


Funds managed and held by the Community Foundation

In 2013 First Congregational UCC established a family of charitable funds at the Community Foundation for the Fox Valley Region (CFFVR). This relationship enables the church to leverage the expertise of the CFFVR to optimize the administration and investment management of the church’s funds.

Lawrence Scholars Endowment Fund - this fund provides permanent support for the Lawrence University Music Scholars program at First Congregational UCC.

Memorial Garden Endowment Fund - this fund provides permanent support to maintain First Congregational Church's Memorial Garden which holds the cremated remains of those who have chosen the church grounds as their resting place.

Memorials and Special Gifts Fund - this fund supports general expenses as well as special projects or needs at First Congregational UCC. 

Organ Preservation Fund - this fund provides support for the maintenance and ongoing preservation of the pipe organ at First Congregational UCC.

Pastor Kathryn Kuhn Memorial Fund - this fund supports theology and faith formation scholarships for women in Kenya and/or educational support within the Kenya Partnership at First Congregational UCC.

Splitt Building Maintenance Fund - this is an endowment fund that provides permanent support for the maintenance of First Congregational UCC's buildings and equipment.

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