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Plan A Gift

Many members and friends of the First Congregational UCC family have made financial contributions to the church in addition to their annual giving—gifts and legacies that have enhanced the church and strengthened its mission.

New gifts are vital to the church’s continued presence in this community. As you conduct your financial and estate planning, please consider how you can help shape the future of First Congregational UCC by supporting programs and projects that truly matter to you. You can fulfill your charitable goals while keeping your family first. Individuals and charitable organizations are taxed differently upon the receipt of gifts, and not all assets are taxed in the same manner. Thoughtful planning to reduce the tax liability placed on your gifts will ensure that you make the best decisions for the distribution of your assets, both today and after you are gone.

First Congregational can accept a variety of assets including cash, securities, real estate, business interests, and personal property, plus gifts that extend beyond your lifetime, such as a bequest from your estate, life insurance, and retirement accounts. We encourage you to discuss your intentions with your legal or financial advisor, who can inform you about the maximum tax advantages various assets can offer.

Likewise, as you consider comprehensive estate planning and distribution, we at First Congregational UCC encourage you to work with an estate-planning professional to ensure that you are making the best possible decisions for yourself and your loved ones. In support of your efforts, First Congregational is ready to assist you regarding potential gifts to the church.*

*First Congregational UCC does not provide legal or tax advice. Please see your financial or legal advisor

to discuss your gift plans.

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