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  • Mary Jo Laabs

Realm Really Can Be Fun, I promise!

Dear Friends,

I am still enjoying meeting you and learning your names! Some Sunday morning, I’d like to say, “Will Karen please stand up!” Do you want to know why?

I have found that there are 57 Karens at FCUCC! And, as a matter of fact, there are 149 Marys, 97 Michaels and 67 Steves. I found this information on Realm! I have been using Realm more and more ever since I walked through these open doors.

I am also learning that some of our newer members (including me!) and some of our long-time members and friends have either never heard of Realm or have never activated their accounts. Realm is the online software that First Congregational UCC uses which contains its member and guest lists, information about Congregational Life committees, Mission and Outreach groups, Church Council, and more. If you would like to volunteer, you can contact a chairperson or just add your name to the group list! If you want to call someone or send an email, phone numbers and email addresses are listed in each person’s profile on Realm! If you have moved, or have a new email address or phone number, you can change it on Realm. You can also schedule an electronic funds transfer or make changes to your giving on Realm so that your monetary gifts can be faithfully given to the church even when you are away for a while. You can post a picture of yourself on your Realm profile by clicking the circle to the left of your name and then selecting a photo from your files. (Or send me your photo and I will post it.) You know, if everyone would activate their account, and add a photo, we would have a wonderful “member directory” online! (“Let me see, who was that I was talking to on Sunday…?”)

If you would like to activate your Realm account, call Zaina Gonzales in the church office at 920-851-9832 or call me at 920-851-9455 or 715-351-0450. Or, if we notice that your account is not yet “activated,” we will send you an email. In the subject line of the email, it will say something like, “Join your church community online.” Click the link and follow the directions.😊 Click your name and select “My Profile.” Your first step will be to check all the contact and personal information in your profile to make sure it’s accurate.

Once you are logged in, you can view the church directory. By default, your personal and contact information is visible to all registered users of our church's Realm site. You can choose who can see the information in your profile by clicking on “Manage Privacy.”

Realm is “fun” and easy! Really! You can join a committee or a group, give your monetary gifts to the mission and ministry of the church, or just look around and see who’s who!

Consider yourself “nudged,” people of First Congregational UCC, to join in the electronic “Realm” of this congregation! This door is wide open to you too if you just take these easy first steps!

Let this be your mantra today: Philippians 4:13, New International Version:

13 I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

Say a little prayer and have a great day!

58 Toms, 96 Johns, 107 Sara(h)s.

Thank you, God, I found you on Realm.

Pastor Mary Jo

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