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The Isaiah Project – Open Session

How will our buildings and campus serve our mission and purpose going forward? How do we live more fully as the Church of the Open Door? How are we part of the neighborhood and how are we making a difference in the community? With the guidance of the Spirit (and assistance from Wisconsin Conference resource people!), we are taking on these challenging questions.


Next Sunday, June 23, from 11:15-Noon, we will welcome another guide along the way with Rev. Andrew Warner, President of the Wisconsin Foundation UCC, and National UCC Generosity Outreach Officer / Philanthropy. Andrew has a wealth of knowledge about church fundraising and adapting to change. In addition, Andrew pastored a church in Milwaukee with extra space that became the home for several non-profits. He will be sharing suggestions for planning major changes and sources of funding and philanthropy.

This meeting is open to everyone. If unable to attend in person, it will be Zoomed. Brunch, which is open to everyone also, will be served at 10:45AM. All Isaiah Project teams will meet separately after Rev. Warner’s session.

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