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When Church Stops Working: An Invitation from Pastor Katherine

In nearly 20 years of ministry, I’ve read more books about church revitalization and leadership than I care to count. Most are forgettable, often relying on fads or borrowing so heavily from secular sources that they barely even mention the role of God in congregational life. In contrast, the work of Andrew Root stands out to me. One of his most recent books is When Church Stops Working: A Future for Your Congregation Beyond More Money, Programs, and Innovation.

I invite the church staff and lay leadership - as well as anyone interested in being part of this conversation! - to read this book over the summer. (No, it’s not exactly a “beach read”, but it is accessible and inspiring.) We’ll have a number of opportunities to discuss the book in community, including the following options: Sunday, August 18th at 10:45am; Wednesday, August 21st at 11:30am, and Monday, September 9th at 7pm.

Pick up a copy of the book and let me know you’re planning to read along ( Happy Reading!

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