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6th-8th Grade

Our middle school ministry program meets Wednesday evenings. Over the course of three years, we seek to DEEPEN our youth’s faith by creating a safe place and friendships to wonder and ask basic questions about the Christian faith such as:

Can it be proven that God exists?

Why should I pray when God doesn’t answer all my prayers?

What if my friends aren’t Christian?

Middle schoolers engage in these questions through fun activities and also are given meaningful opportunities to start serving the church in worship and mission at our local camps.  

Join us and deepen your relationship with God, our community, our church, and each other! We nurture these relationships through four key components:


Fellowship is a vital part of the middle school ministry, as we foster friendships that build a sense of community and connection to the church. This fellowship also provides the space for engaging in faith conversations.


Middle school youth come together in a large group gathering to share prayers, stories, devotions and songs, play games and participate in other activities.


In helping others, our students learn to be Christ’s hands and feet in today’s world. Service projects include making meals for homeless shelters, visiting the home bound, collecting items for local community organizations and serving others in need. Many middle school youth are encouraged to give their time by assisting in Children's Ministry on Sunday mornings.


Group time is interactive, as youth are taught in large and small group settings. Lessons use various creative formats including storytelling, art, activities, games, videos, guest speakers and more.

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