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Worship FAQ's

When are the worship services?

Sunday mornings.

We currently have one service at 9:30 AM (in-person and livestreaming). Masking is optional for those attending in person. Please see the Worship Calendar for exceptions to the regular schedule. Our services last approximately one hour.

What are worship services like?

Our Sunday morning services blend traditional and more contemporary elements to connect us with our past while remaining relevant in the present. We hold a progressive theology and practice an open-minded faith that embraces spiritual growth, learning and reason. Sermons are rooted in the biblical story while seeking to draw connections of meaning and guidance to our lives today.

Where can I find out who’s preaching?

Our Open Door/Sunday Bulletin is posted every Friday prior to the upcoming Sunday service.  The Order of Worship section in the bulletin lists the scripture reading(s), the sermon title, and the pastor.

Do children participate in worship?

Yes. Children start each Sunday in the Sanctuary with their families at 9:30 AM. After the Children’s Message (around 9:45 AM,) they walk together to Children’s Ministry, where they can be picked up after worship.

During the summer, children ages 3-10 remain in the Sanctuary. We provide books and quiet activities in our PRAYground to engage children in the morning’s lesson in age-appropriate ways.

Throughout the year, childcare is available for infants and toddlers.

See Childcare & Children’s Ministry for more details. To read more about programs for children and youth, visit the Children, Youth & Families (CYF) section of this website.

I’ve never been to a church like First Congregational. Will I know what’s going on?

You are not alone—people in our congregation come from a variety of faith backgrounds, including none at all. Although we are a Christian church, we are truly an interfaith congregation in our experiences. When you visit for worship, pick up a copy of the Sunday bulletin from an usher and just follow along. If you would like a tour of the church before or after worship, we are happy to show you around.

Can I participate in Communion?

Yes. We celebrate Communion on the first Sunday of each month. We believe that God’s Communion table is open; all are welcome to partake of the elements. The bread served is gluten free.

What should I wear?

There is no dress code. You’ll see people wearing everything from jeans to suits.

What kind of music will I hear in worship services?

First Congregational offers spirited and artful music in a wide variety of styles ranging from traditional hymns to world music and jazz.

Does First Congregational welcome the LGBTQ community?

Yes. As an Open and Affirming (ONA) congregation of the United Church of Christ, First Congregational offers an unqualified welcome to all. We hold an attitude of inclusiveness that embraces diversity wherever we find it. We honor and value each person as God created them without attempting to “fix” or “change” them, and we have been privileged to celebrate same-gender weddings at our church for several decades.

Do I have to be a member?

No. You are welcome to participate in the life of the church whether or not you are a member. For those wishing to become members, we offer one-day Membership Exploration classes several times each year. These classes, led by our staff and church members, provide information about the church and the United Church of Christ.

How large is the church?

About 1400 individuals claim membership in this community of faith. On average, 423 people attend worship weekly, and 137 children and youth attend CYF programming each week.

What Bible is used in worship?

In worship, we use the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible, which is written in modern English and favors inclusive language. Our fourth graders receive the Common English Bible titled Deep Blue Kid’s Bible, a translation that is accessible to children and those who are learning English. The Message, which draws from the direct, casual English used in our daily lives, is also a meaningful translation. If you are looking for a study Bible, please contact our pastors for a recommendation that meets your needs.

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